Voyager of the Seas Review - March 2002

What can I say about the ship that hasn't been said in countless other reviews. She is huge, she is gorgeous. It was a perfect vacation. I had one or two tiny (and I mean tiny) quibbles. So, at the moment, I am not going to try and do a review.

I do have some scans of all the daily compasses and kids activity guides that you may find useful and/or interesting. I also have Generic form of atarax . (edited 7/20/2006...I have made this page somewhat easier on the eyes. The pictures and scans will be organized and prettified in the next couple of days.)

In completely random order, however, I will list various observations that occurred to me over the course of our week:

  • sun tan lotion - here in Maryland (where we have no sun) finding high SPF suntan lotion is a breeze. However, neither the boat, Jamaica, nor on Grand Cayman was anything higher than SPF 10 available (it may have been somewhere, but nowhere easy to find). It wasn't until Cozumel that I found SPF 30 -45. I recommend bringing at least 1 bottle of suntan lotion per day. Spray lotion is easier than cream

  • Crowds - We had a full house (3698 with a reported 1200-1300 being kids). Honest to goodness, I never felt like there were that many. At no time. There were, of course, lines for the usual suspects...formal portraits, meeting the captain...but it didn't feel like they were that much bigger than similar events on other ships. The biggest crowds I saw were for the parades (not unexpectedly) and at the sports bar on Final Four night (mind you, they could have watched the same game from their cabins, but I guess it was the herd mentality at work). And as for the kids..there was an occasional rash of all the elevator buttons being pushed, but they all seemed very well behaved (Unlike on Princess, apparently. One of my daughter's cruise buddies was IMing with one of her friends on a Princess ship and was being told that all the teens over there were getting wasted.)

  • wine menu - the menu that they were showing us for the wine package was poorly photocopied 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. This is not the time to be vain about reading glasses. (this was one of my tiny quibbles,)

  • boarding - everybody talks about how quickly one gets on the ship, but nobody talks about the process. We arrived somewhat earlier than planned (9:45). At that time, there were still a large number of outward bound passengers and their luggage. We were briefly somewhat confused about what to do, but one of the many porters immediately took us in hand and kept an eye on us. It was kind of neat, though, to talk to all the departing passengers.

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    • Cedar Ridge
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    • Tecumseh
    • Altoona
    • Drums

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    Eventually (10 a.m.), the go-ahead is given for the porters to take the luggage to whatever mystic bowel they take it to and we get sent upstairs to a large room with not many chairs to wait a little longer. When we are allowed to leave this room for the actual check-in site, there is a huge jumble and it doesn't matter if you were the first person to arrive, you can still wind up back at the pack. I think that this bit could be handled better. However, everything else was handled very efficiently and we were on the ship by 11:00. I dunno if it was because we were on so early, but all of our luggage actually turned up at 4p.m.

  • Tendering is a remarkably smooth process. The lines are far less daunting than they look.

  • Labadee - oh, how pretty it is there. Dragon's lookout is way cool and if you stand at just the right spot (can't describe